Opening Trades

When you receive a Trade Notification, it's important to enter the trade as soon as reasonably possible.

Trade Notifications are sent at 00:00 GMT Sunday through Friday.

When you receive a Notification, it will contain the following information:

ForexSumo Email Signal Alert Example

Enter this information into your broker's online platform. We've detailed how to do this with some brokers below.


We'd recommend using Spread Betting. These are tax free in the UK. CFDs can be used, but you are responsible for declaring any losses and profits in your UK Self Assessment tax returns.

  • Click the Deal tab
  • Click Sell or Buy, depending on the Position
  • Size: Enter the Price per Pip, based on your Risk Management strategy.
  • Stop: Click the dropdown below Stop, and select Guaranteed
    A Guaranteed Stop Loss ensures that you will not lose more than expected should the trade be a losing trade, for example if slippage occurs.
  • Stop: Enter the Exposure value into this field. This is the number of pips away from the current price.
    The Stop Loss Price will then display below this field. You may need to adjust your Exposure to ensure that the Stop Loss matches the Stop Loss given in the Notification.
  • Limit: Enter the Profit value into this field.
    The Limit will then display below this field. You may need to adjust your Limit to ensure that it matches the Target given in the Notification.
  • Force open: Ensure this option is selected
  • Click Place deal